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The Digital Erotic Art of Tsubasa
Welcome to Tsubasa Art
Welcome to the Digital Erotic Art of Tsubasa

Tsubasa logoWhen I started this site back in 1996, I had a whopping total of 3 images. I clearly remember my first few hits and the excitement that came with them. On a personal level, it was exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

Since then, my work has been a steady flow of images that actually represent one long process of growth and amazing life experiences too. I can't begin to express how the places I've seen, the people I've met and had meaningful conversations with, the things I've experienced because of this art have had a profound affect on my life and my sensibilities.

Many people have asked me what my work is about. My response has always been "You tell me." My work isn't about what I think of it; it's about how it affects you: the viewer. I hope you get something out of it like I have.

Enjoy! - tsubasa

20 Years is a Long Fucking Time!

My latest book: Tsubasa XX : 20 Years of Tsubasa is a collection of tsubasa work dating from 1996 to 2017. It' will be available in early 2017 in hardback, soft cover and via Kindle.'s available now! Check it out here. 20 years of tsubasa
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